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What Students and Parents Say

Akash Gupta
November 5,2016

My tutor helped me with Chem 161 lab reports. Hopefully I can pass with Vagupu's help!

William Taylor
Septmeber 24,2016

My tutor reviewed chemistry with me. He was very helpful and knows so much about chemistry. He's good at figuring out where you need help and was very prepared for our session. Thanks a lot

Jolie Miller
March 16,2016

My tutor taught me how to do sp3d2 orbitals and helped me clear up a lot of confusion on hybridization and bonding :) Now I feel smart in the class

Jim Harper
July 10,2016

My daughter was taking AP Chemistry from a tutor who was handing out worksheets and telling her to figure out. Later when we took sessions with Vagupu, the tutor began explaining the concepts and steps as he and my daughter worked through some problems. It's too early to say if her grades would go up, but she feels like she has a better shot at it with Vagupu