About Us

Everyone needs a coach

Usain Bolt, arguably the greatest sprinter of all time has a coach - in case you were wondering it is Glen Mills :-). Glen Mills gives Usain Bolt feedback specific to his running style, technique and start to help him improve. A coach, mentor, tutor does exactly that - give us feedback specific to us so we can improve.

Why is finding the right tutor hard

If everyone needs a coach, why is finding the one who fits your learning style, your schedule, your price point so hard. Tutoring requires-

  1. Discovery - recommendation from a fellow parent on the sidelines of the soccer field or friend
  2. Matching and Scheduling - Through phone calls and email exchanges
  3. Collaboration - Driving to the tutor or learners home, meeting at a coffee shop or online using Skype
  4. Payment - cash or Paypal

The traditional approach is very inefficient. You need to have the right connection and in the right neighborhood.

Challenging the Status Quo

There are numerous opportunities to question the status quo and bring in the Silicon Valley style efficiency, intuitive user experience, smart discovery, transparent pricing, superior collaboration and delivery tools, analytic insights, data driven ratings, seamless payment processing and integrated end-to-end flow.

Time to re-imagine... This was our motivation to build Vagupu, to reimagine the tutoring experience and build a complete online live tutoring marketplace.

How is Vagupu different

Our proprietory machine learning algorithm helps us to adapt and match you with the right expert, based on the information we gather about the learner and our expert tutors. You might not be in the same neighborhood, but we got you covered, with our purpose built collaboration technology.

Vagupu, The complete online live tutoring marketplace
Complete online tutoring platform
Geographic focus - India & USA
Marketplace Business Model
No Intermediaries
P2P Video, Whiteboard
Integrated video and collaboration tools
Expand your reach
Multiple marketing avenues to expand tutors reach
Tutor/Student Insights; Data driven ratings
Payment infrastructure
Marketplace payment model
On Demand
Right when you need it!

Process/Business Model

Vagupu integrates everything needed for online live tutoring: discovery, scheduling, ratings/reviews, browser based audio/video collaboration, whiteboard tools, revenue boosting tutor analytics, tutor landing pages, payments and parent tools. Vagupu is a marketplace. On Vagupu tutors are independent contractors providing their services directly to the students. Most sites out there are intermediated. Tutors can set their own price and hours on the platform. We just charge a flat 15% transaction fee compared to most sites that charge 20% to 40%.

Purpose built Technology

State-of-the-art technology platform with awesome, frictionless user experience. Browser based audio/video, white board collaboration to work with most devices. Dynamic profiling with customized request creation and superior analytics to help you find the right tutor based on your unique needs and learning style. Ratings and review system to help you make an informed decision. Integrated tools for tutors to promote their profile on social media including custom sub domain. Simple and secure payment gateway.

We are here to help you prepare for the win, with a human touch, assisted with technology.

Smart Online Tutoring Solution Platform

Vagupu's Smart Online Tutoring Solution is an easy-to-use platform for private tutors and tutoring institutes. It’s a SaaS-based tutoring platform with in-built features like global discovery, smart scheduling, latest collaboration tools, payment gateway, insights and analytics. Vagupu empowers tutors, education service providers and tutoring institutes to deliver the best in-class online tutoring experience with easy-to-use, scalable and cost-effective technology.

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